ROR, HTML, XML Sitemap Generator Tool

ROR, HTML, XML Sitemap Generator Tool

What is a sitemap – A sitemap is a list of website pages use to index all your website URL. There are three types of sitemap and that is ROR Sitemap, HTML Sitemap, and XML Sitemap. You can make Sitemap both manual and through the tool. I have mention below the top ROR, HTML, and XML Sitemap Generator tool.

What is an XML Sitemap

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML). An XML sitemap is a formatted XML file on your web server. It includes all URLs of your website that you want to index in the search engines. XML sitemap not only helps Google bots to crawl your URLs, but It also shows the last modification date of your web-page. You can submit XML sitemaps to all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

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Online XML Sitemap Generator Tool

What is HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap is designed in HTML includes all links of your website according to its category. HTML Sitemap not only helps search engine bots to crawl pages of your website but it also helps your website users to find any URL according to its niche easily.

Online HTML Sitemap Generator Tool

What is ROR Sitemap

ROR is a rapidly growing XML format for describing any object on a website (sitemaps, products, services, menus, images, reviews, contact info, business info, etc), so any search engines can better understand its content.

Note: To make your ROR Sitemap automatically readable by all search engines, choose the “ror/RSS” format.

Free ROR Sitemap Generator Tool

Why Are XML Sitemap so Important in SEO?

Because they allow Google and other search engines to easily find important pages on your website and index them all, even if your internal linking is bad. This is important because without Sitemap Google and other search engines indexes and ranks specific web-pages, not whole websites.


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